Our Restoration Services

Repairing Damage After a Disaster

At Platinum Pro-Claim, we understand all of the questions that are likely going through your mind after a disaster has damaged your home. If you are wondering if your home will ever be the same and how you will be able to afford the repairs, we may be able to help. We offer a full range of restoration services to help restore your home and give you hope for the future.

The restoration services we offer include:

  • Water damage : Water damage can result in mold if it is not immediately addressed. Contacting a restoration professional as quickly as possible will give you a better chance to restore your home effectively. It’s important to take care of water damage right away.
  • Repair and restoration : The damage that a disaster can leave behind is incredibly devastating to your business or home. Depending on the type of damage, your property may suffer and need serious repairs. Our restoration and cleaning crew works to help restore your foundation.
  • Environmental mold and asbestos remediation : After your home or business has suffered a flood or serious water damage, there are other consequences involved, including the possibility of mold growth. Mold can be very dangerous to you, your home, and your family.
  • Flooring : Both commercial and residential properties can sustain serious flooring damages after a disaster. Without the floor safely in place, you may not want to stay in your home until it’s fixed up. We work with you to get your flooring restored as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our main goal and priority is to help restore your building or home to its previous condition. We take into account the size and depth of the damage and put together a workable plan of action. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today at 604-276-2383 to request more information or to make an appointment!

Why Choose Us

  • OUR SERVICE is guaranteed from start to finish
  • OUR PRIORITY is to restore your property and return it back to its pre-loss condition
  • OUR PROMISE as your preferred contractor is to work side-by-side, and manage repairs, with all parties
  • OUR GOAL is to work on your behalf and ensure everyone's needs are met
  • OUR EXPERIENCE is more than 35 years combined