Vancouver Mold Remediation

Mold & Asbestos Removal Services

After a flood causes damages your property, it’s vital that you check for mold. If you suspect the growth of mold or presence of asbestos, you must have your property restored to healthy condition immediately. The team here at Platinum Pro-Claim has more than three decades of combined experience with the safe removal of asbestos and mold from Vancouver homes and businesses. We cannot stress enough how unhealthy these substances are and how important it is to take immediate action.

There are a variety of physical problems that mold infestations and asbestos can cause, including:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Asthma aggravations
  • Allergic reactions/irritations
  • Chest tightness or pains
  • Persistent or dry cough

We care about safeguarding and protecting your home as well as your overall health. The minute you suspect that your home or business has an asbestos or mold problem, you should get in touch with us. If any further action needs to be taken, we are able to get to you quickly and handle the situation. Contact us at 604-276-2383 today!

Why Choose Us

  • OUR SERVICE is guaranteed from start to finish
  • OUR PRIORITY is to restore your property and return it back to its pre-loss condition
  • OUR PROMISE as your preferred contractor is to work side-by-side, and manage repairs, with all parties
  • OUR GOAL is to work on your behalf and ensure everyone's needs are met
  • OUR EXPERIENCE is more than 35 years combined